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Smarter Solutions To Traffic Congestion in 2014 - Todd Litman

If you do not know who Todd Litman is, it is time to educate yourself about his large body of work. Well researched and respected worldwide this Canadian's publication often promote public transit and passenger rail. His latest is about Smarter Solution to Traffic Congestion in 2014.

Most people can agree that traffic congestion is wasteful and frustrating, but that is where the consensus ends. There are often contentious debates concerning which solution is best: whether to expand roads, improve public transit services, price road use, or implement transportation demand management strategies. These debates are often simplistic, based on incomplete and biased analysis.

A new article, "Smarter Congestion Relief In Asian Cities: Win-Win Solutions To Urban Transport Problems" ( ) published December 2013 in the United Nation’s "Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific," describes better ways to evaluate traffic congestion problems and select congestion reduction strategies. These principles apply to any urban area, not just Asian cities.

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