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High Speed Rail Canada Releases Canadian National Railways 1966 Turbotrain Historical Documents

High Speed Rail Canada is releasing to the public for free the Canadian National Railways 1966 press releases and background material relating to the introduction of the Canadian National/United Aircraft high speed Turbotrain.

Media Release - November 19th, 2013 - High Speed Rail Canada is a national non profit organization dedicated to educating Canadians on the benefits of modern passenger rail in Canada. They do it through their blog, youtube video channel, Facebook site and public symposiums.

High Speed Rail Canada has the largest audio and video collection of the United Aircraft and Canadian National Turbotrain. This train ran from 1968 through to 1982. It was Canada's high speed train with speeds over 200km/h.

These 1966 CN and UAC Press Releases and background material, including diagrams and models of the Turbotrain, are being made available for the first time in over four decades.

Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states, " If you read these documents, and also listen to the 1967 press conference on the Turbotrain, you will be taken back to a time when our country had a vision for modern high speed passenger rail travel. Unfortunately 45 years later under Prime Minister Harper's government, passenger rail is on the verge of extinction throughout many parts of Canada."

For the links to the 1966 Canadian National Press Releases/Backgrounder, 1967 Press Conference go to our Turbotrain Archive page

For more information on High Speed Rail Canada -, Twitter - @HSRCanada highspeedrailcanada (at)