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University of Illinois study: 220-mph high-speed line from Chicago to Champaign-Urbana

The University of Illinois has released a final report on a preliminary feasibility study of a 220-mph high-speed rail (HSR) service between Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, Ill., and St. Louis and/or Indianapolis.

The study concluded that a 220-mph HSR service from O'Hare International Airport, through downtown Chicago to Champaign-Urbana and on to St. Louis or Indianapolis is feasible and likely would be able to cover its operating costs without subsidies, according to a report released by the university.

The report recommends that public-private partnerships, which have successfully been used to finance HSR projects overseas, should be explored.

"An incremental or blended approach completed over a longer time period would reduce initial capital costs and provide other nearer-term transportation benefits, while simultaneously improving intercity transportation and quality times," the report states.

To read the report's executive summary CLICK HERE