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'Fastest series-built train in Europe' unveiled - Railway Gazette

'Fastest series-built train in Europe' unveiled - Railway Gazette


  1. Grand design and spiffy engineering are apparently not enough to get Americans in their kitchens off their 'imagination' duffs. It was the same with the radio; kids took to it first and programming was aimed at them first (KDKA) while the adults were in the 'duh' stage. Nothing was supposed to replace the 'horse'...look what happened. The motion picture was so 'declasse' for much of the culture...have they won any awards lately? TV was the Devil's work and a sure thing to kill the movie houses. Well, except for drive-in theaters, which still, some anyway, hang on...(maybe they'll come back)... It's not always about the technology or the convenience, the coming to the level of 'taking for granted'...but here we are again..except we, Americans, are not first developers, as it's been around now since 1960's and the Olympics that year. Many Japanese, too, as is so well recorded in contemporary news coverage (oh, so it usually looks in hind-sight) pooh-poohed the new service, screaming about 'high taxes,' and something only for the wrong they have been! It, high speed rail, has gradually changed the Japanese society, giving access to higher education, better economy and cultural experiences inaccessible previously, not to mention greater family interaction.


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