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High Speed Rail Gives Midwest Manufacturers a Multi-Million-Dollar Boost

CHICAGO - In the next few years, taking a trip to St. Louis may be a lot quicker, thanks to high-speed rail. The federal government is investing nearly $800 million to jump-start high-speed rail projects, and a new report by the Environmental Law and Policy Center says that means thousands of new jobs in the Midwest.

It's exciting, said ELPC's President, Howard Learner.

"We're now going to see modern, fast higher-speed rail operating between Chicago and Detroit, and Chicago and St. Louis by 2015, 2016, using modern new rail cars that are being assembled in Rochelle, Illinois."

He says 84 companies all over Illinois will be making rail cars or components for the cars as a result of investment in high-speed rail.


  1. Excellent , now if we only had a government with a backbone such as this in Canada

  2. The plan from the Government of Canada is first to transfer all VIA corridor runs to regional or provincial governments in Quebec and Ontario. This is in the works. Once that is done the C.N. corridor from Chicago thru Detroit andToronto and Montreal will be the high speed rail track. This takes in all the major cities. C.N. claims they are not going to invest in high speed rail, however in 1995 C.N. operations were sold to the old Grand Trunk line owner Chicago Illinois. The track is still owned by Canada and is on our land. Flaherty in his budget this week has allso put millions of dollars into infrastructure. Canada will flex its muscle when the U.S. signs on with a rail company to supply the route. It will be a lease the track operation, or will we build our own in a free trade ageement and run it ourselves. Any bets out there


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