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Bombardier Loses ACELA Contract

MONTREAL — Amtrak has scrapped plans to add 40 Bombardier Inc. cars to its Acela high-speed train line, judging them “too expensive” and “not based on reasonable cost.”

In addition, the U.S. rail operator has decided to replace Bombardier’s entire original Acela fleet of 120 cars and 40 locomotives on the line inaugurated in 2000, the first and still only high-speed rail line in North America, linking Washington, New York and Boston.

An internal report by Amtrak’s auditor-general said that after issuing a sole-source contract (to Bombardier), the railway received a proposal for the 40 cars on Feb. 27.

“Given the high dollar value and Amtrak’s plan to award a sole-source contract,” the report states, “we initiated a review of the price proposal to determine whether it was based on well-supported and reasonable cost and pricing data.”

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