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TURBO TRAIN - Still Canada's Fastest High Speed Train

During these dark days of the Harper government VIA Rail cuts, enjoy this fantastic photo of Lorne Perry's High speed rail certificate from riding the Turbo during its record breaking run in Canada in 1976


  1. This certificate like the other THOUSAND or more that I have seen on peoples desks and walls is a phony. The TMT7D configuration of the train used for that test does not have sufficient seating capacity for the vast number of those certificates going around.
    Also, for that test and most others the coach seats were not installed, only the seat bases which were loaded up with bricks and or sandbags. As well the intercar inner diaphragms were not installed to allow me to watch the single axle suspension systems during these various test runs including the high speed test, the braking tests, the free wheeling with engines shut down test. estimated to be 20 miles but speed dropped to 30 after 30 miles and went back up to 35 after 40 miles so we started everything up again and continued on our way. We also did the combined two trainsets in this seatless and inner diaphragm less contition. The entire order of 5 trainset seats was out being welded to strengthen the seat backs.
    Thomas Hamer
    Sikorski Inspector at that time


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