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Hainan China New High Speed Rail Line

There are so many high speed rail lines opening in China we almost missed this one that opened on December 30, 2010.

A high-speed railway opened in Hainan, China's southernmost province, greatly cutting travel time along the island's eastern coast. See the VIDEO HERE ON OUR HIGH SPEED RAIL CANADA YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

The Donghuan (East Ring) Railway is 308 kilometers long, links up the cities of Haikou, the provincial capital, and Sanya, as well as a number of popular tourist destinations along the way.

The trip between the two cities takes about 82 minutes at a speed of 250 km per hour, half the time it takes by road.

It took workers more than three years to complete the railway, which cost 20.2 billion yuan (3 billion U.S. dollars).


  1. Actually there are more which have recently opened.

    Guangzhou South-Zhuhai has just opened.
    Changchun-Jilin has just opened.
    Yichang-Wanzhou has also opened, though due to the difficult terrain it is not "high speed" in the true sense.
    Guangzhou-Shenzhen was scheduled to open in December but has been delayed to May.


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