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Swedish National Railways High Speed Trains Operation in Winter Conditions Added

The second mostly commonly asked question to me after "Will Canada Ever Have Modern Passenger Rail Service" is "How do high speed trains run in winter conditions"?

We have loaded on the High Speed Rail Canada Website under the News Section tab, and in this blog, the Swedish National Railways 2006 study titled, "High Speed Train Operation in Winter Conditions". It is an excellent paper explaining the various elements that could play a factor in operating high speed trains in the winter.

Our mandate is to educate Canadians on high speed rail and this paper certainly adds to our body of knowledge on this subject matter. Paul Langan


  1. Most interesting study (albeit i read most of it swiftly).

    It makes me wonder if Via Rail already has access to an equivalent reasearch body, as our Canadian climate can be just as harsh as Sandinavia's, perhaps even worse in some Western, Central and North-Eastern regions...

    I definitely think it would be worth the try to have mechanical engineering research groups from Europe, Japan & North America sharing their latest finds into assuring safety & reliability of high-speed train operation during winter conditions.

    Via's passenger trains running at up to 140 km/hr may somehow benefit greatly from sharing with other nordic operators.

    Franc-Sois Dandurand,


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