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High Speed Rail In Canada Princess Twin Cinema Presentation

High Speed Rail Canada in cooperation with the Princess Twin Cinema present an evening full of presentations, guest speakers, and video about high speed trains.

To news editors for immediate release…….. October 14th, 2010

The Princess Twin Cinema in cooperation with High Speed Rail Canada on Wednesday November 18th, 2010 at 7pm is hosting a premier high speed rail event in Waterloo Ontario .

“High Speed Rail in Canada – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” will be a multimedia event featuring video, slide presentations and guest speakers from two of the largest passenger rail manufacturers in the world, Alstom and Bombardier and from High Speed Rail Canada.

From a vintage 1967 promotional 4 minute film on Canada ’s legendary high speed Turbo Train to modern video of the record breaking 574km/h high speed train run in France , this event promises to educate and entertain. Guest speakers include Paul Larouche -Bombardier, Ashley Langford – Alstom and Paul Langan – High Speed Rail Canada .

Paul Langan states,” We are fortunate to have such an intimate and quality venue for this event. I am excited about the quality of our two guest speakers from the passenger rail car industry and the chance to educate Canadians on the past, present, and future of high speed rail in Canada and around the world.”

Tickets are only $10.00, advance tickets are strongly recommended as the cinema has limited seating capacity. The cinema is located at 46 King Street North Waterloo
For more information on the event or directions to the cinema go to the Princess Twin Cinema website - the High Speed Rail Canada website or call Paul Langan at 519-654-0089