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China 416kph "World Fastest Train" Video Added to High Speed Rail Canada Youtube Station

It was all over the news September 20, 2010, China had set the world' fastest train record at 416kph. Well not entirely true as the french TGV record is 574.8 kph and Japan's Maglev went 581 kph.

One thing for sure China is a world leader in high speed passenger rail. The China HSR rail video clip is from Chinese TV.

We loaded it on to our High Speed Rail Canada's YouTube Station for the whole world to see. Enjoy


  1. Unless we redefine high speed rail for Canada, we will never have high speed rail service in Canada. The reason is simple. China has a population of 40 times the population of Canada, but the land is smaller than that of Canada. We must redefine the high speed rail as I said in my Blog.


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