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Boston to Montreal High Speed Rail Link Promoted Again

Raymond Chrétien met with the Secretary of Transportation for the five New England states recently to promote a high speed rail connection to Montreal. With Amtrak's recent proposal for true high speed between Washington and Boston and the existing Acela service is the time right to dream of a Montreal-Boston high speed rail?

High Speed Rail Canada has discussed the Montreal-Boston link in a previous blog. The various stakeholders (eg; state and federal governments,railroad companies) involved on the USA side make implementing high speed rail a real challenge. On the Canadian side only a lack of a federal passenger rail vision prohibits a Boston to Montreal high speed train.

Congratulations to Raymond Chrétien, Premier Jean Charest's point man on high speed rail linkages between Canada and the USA for promoting the idea. There is no rationale to have only road and air based transportation options between Canada and the USA. The current painfully slow passenger rail option between all Canada/USA borders is unacceptable. Modern passenger rail service makes sense.