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Canada’s G8 and G20 High Speed Rail Embarrassment

With the G8 and G20 summits ending in Huntsville and Toronto many Canadians are outraged at the over $1.2 billion price tag to host the events. What is more embarrassing is if we compare the high speed rail systems of the G8 and G20 countries to the present situation in Canada.

High Speed Rail Canada (Le Train à grande vitesse au Canada) evaluated the existing G8 and G20 high speed rail systems and the proposed ones where contracts have already been signed to begin work.

After reviewing the G8 countries high speed rail systems, it is a fact that Canada is only country that does not have a high speed rail system.

After reviewing the G20 countries high speed rail systems, Canada is one of only four countries that does not have a high speed rail system. Further, Canada is the only G20 government that has not committed to building a high speed rail system in the last ten years.

Paul Langan, founder of High Speed Rail Canada states,"The federal Conservative government has no national policy or plan on passenger rail. The end result of this debacle is that Canada's passenger rail system is 3o years behind the rest of the modern world."

High Speed Rail Canada, is a national non profit citizens group dedicated to Canadians on the benefits of high speed rail. For more information go to and


  1. Pathetic in this day and age!
    I live in Southwestern Ontario and travel to the Toronto and on occasion to Montreal via automobile and it is exhausting to say the least and there are a lot of us out there that would gladly take the train if there was a high speed system from Windsor to Quebec. Every year you see construction on the 401 at costs that are escalating every year to serve a one person in one car; high-speed is the answer I'm sure!

    Why the hell would Canada's actual Conservative minority government promise to invest 35 billion CDN$ in war boats & weaponry for the navy over the next decade(s), supposedly to protect the sovereinty of the vast "emptiness" of the coastal Arctic Ocean & Western Passage... but still not want to commit to spend a single penny in high speed trains?

    Because the present federal government & the past ones truly DO NOT give much a damn' about the future generations' environment, as they'd rather wish to continue to spoil their "rich electoral campaign supporters" in the oil industry.

    This investment in the Canadian Defense forces combined to the ongoing international dispute about sovereignty over international waters in the Arctic are merely signs that many new deep water oil platforms might sprout in the Arctic, with dire consequences that may eventually be worse than BP's leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. And who would pay for any environmental mess? Probably us Canadians, as it would otherwise be economically uncompetitive for any responsible company to be forced to pay... (Canada & many provinces have a long tradition of letting polluters off the hook.)

    Right now, (the government of) Canada is a frightening MONSTER!


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