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Colas Rail OLE Catenary Installation Video Added to High Speed Rail Canada You Tube Station

We are very excited to let people know that we have added a video from Colas Rail showing the installation of some track and mostly Overhead Line Equipment(OLE) catenary installation on the Paris - Strasboroug High Speed Rail Line. We at High Speed Rail Canada pride ourselves in providing quality information about high speed rail related subjects. Enjoy watching the video at High Speed Rail Canada.


  1. Europe and Asia have taken the lead in the building of high speed rail systems. US has unveiled it plans for their own system, when will Canada do the same?

  2. i for one would love to see and use the HST. I would also like to see and expanded regional rail system. VIA is doing a wonderful job but isn't serving all of the potential catchment areas to bring people to the HST hubs. There needs to be an expansion into Peterborough, sherbroke, joliette, and epansion or take over of the Onatrio Northland and expand service to North Bay, Sudbury, and run services to and from Ottawa to the north. We do have a good system in place now and have the potential to give the HST a good bang for it buck, i just think we could do more to validate why we need. Rail is the way to travel as i have for many years use the train, and expanding highways 11-69 as well as A-15 northword is the only way to connect communities.


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