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Two More VIA Rail High Speed Rail Studies Added to High Speed Rail Canada Website

High Speed Rail Canada has added two VIA Rail high speed rail studies to their website. One in english and the other in french.

High Speed Rail Canada, (HSRC) a citizen's national advocacy group dedicated to the education on, and the implementation of, high speed trains in Canada, has made available to the public for the first time;

1. The 2002 VIAFast high speed rail study in french. The english version is already available on the website.

2. The 1993 VIA Rail High Speed Rail Report

Paul Langan, Founder of High Speed Rail Canada states, " Our mandate is to educate the public on high speed trains. There have been over a dozen previous studies on high speed rail in Canada. The posting of these previously confidential and unavailable VIA Rail studies will help further our knowledge base on the subject."

For more information - contact; Paul Langan, 519-654-0089