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High-speed trains way to go

Windsor Star, Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Re: U.S. on track with fast rail, by Chris Vander Doelen,Oct. 15.
It is great news to hear that the U.S. is finally waking up to what the rest of the modern world already knows--that high-speed trains are three times more efficient than cars, six times as energy efficient as planes, they create jobs and improve air quality. The question shouldn't be, what is the U.S. doing about high-speed trains?

Rather, when will Canada wake up and commit to a long-term, high-speed train initiative? Sure, the costs of implementing such systems are expensive and its upgrades, as Vander Doelen points out.

However, with proper government, provincial and those affected cities' support, these costs can be brought down to a practical means. To just sit on the tracks on the issue of high- speed trains and not take the lead will only cost Canada more money in the long term.

I do agree that the price of Via Rail tickets is outrageous. We will need to cap future prices of all train travel to a relative equivalent to that of a tank of gas, for example, Windsor to Toronto.
There really is no excuse for $53 tickets to Chicago from Detroit versus $170 Windsor to
Toronto, as Vander Doelen pointed out.

Doug Cloutier, Windsor, ON