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The Big Country That Wouldn't!

The Big Country that wouldn't, is the title that I would give our transportation ministry. A little over 40 years ago Montreal Locomotive Works built a train designed by Sikorsky Aircraft that approached speeds of modern day high speed trains. It was the Turbo Train that set world record in 1967 for words fastest train on a New Jersey test track by achieving 275 kilometres an hour. We were a country that was leading the way in the 60's in technology. No need for I think I can, we as Canadians back then just did it.

With minority governments every election, are we ever going to have any long term goals and objectives? The price of not doing anything and sitting back will only cost our future generation more. Years ago we had an estimate of the cost it would be to have high speed rail between Windsor and Montreal. What would that cost be today?

High Speed rail is a viable solution that will pay for itself in the long hull. we have the population we have the technology, but what we don't have is a committed government to high speed rail transportation.

Lastly are we as Canada going to sit back idol and watch the rest of the world surpass us in every field. Or are we as a country going to stop saying I think I can, maybe I can, I could... And just wake up get back on the tracks like we did in the sixties...

Doug Cloutier.
published as a letter to the Editor in the Windsor Star