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High Speed Rail Canada releases VIA Rail Canada, Infrastructure Bank High Frequency Rail Project Study Free Download

  Anyone who has followed former VIA Rail President, now Siemens employee, Yves Desjardins-Siciliano high-frequency rail crusade in Ontario and Quebec were left with more questions than answers. Details of the plan were scare and kept secret from the public. Yves anti high-speed rail speeches were well documented.  VIA Rail Canada's map on the alternative, high frequency rail, changed frequently and often. Claims of  improved frequencies, travel times, speeds were touted without any quality evidence to support it. High Speed Rail Canada releases this study to show just how far VIA Rail will go to keep the public in the dark about their proposed plan. This study is so  heavily redacted it is almost worthless. Why the secrets? Perhaps this high frequency rail plan was just a  pipe dream of Mr. Desjardins-Siciliano. Reminder the study is NOT about high-speed rail. Click HERE to view and download the study.  Canadians deserve better.
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High Speed Rail Canada to Release VIA Rail Canada High Frequency Rail Study April 19th, 2022

High Speed Rail Canada to Release the flawed VIA Rail High Frequency Rail Study 9:00am 04/19/2022. We will make this study available to you as we believe that taxpayers have the right to see what they pay for.  This study is so heavily redacted the public is unable to get basic information on VIA Rail Canada's proposed High Frequency Rail Plan.  Why is VIA Rail Canada not willing to share the details of this plan with the public?  This is a NOT at study about high-speed rail.  We deserve better.

High Speed Rail Canada Releases Historical VIA Rail 1989 Cuts Document

  High Speed Rail Canada is an educational resource centre for people from around the world to access previous mainly high-speed rail studies done in Canada. A recent review of hardcopy files in the HSRC archives revealed a 1989 VIA Rail 76 page document detailing the drastic cuts by the then Conservative government. Paul Langan, founder of High Speed Rail Canada states, "Although this document is not about high-speed train service it is an important historical document on passenger rail in Canada. The public will find it useful in understanding our past passenger rail history." Click HERE to read and download the document. 

Spain to have 3 Low Cost High-Speed Rail Operators - Iryo, Ouigo and Avlo

While the debacle over the future of Canada's passenger rail system continues, over in Spain amazing things continue to happen. Renfe, the Spanish government low cost high-speed rail service is named. Avlo . It already had competition from France's SNCF low cost high-speed rail service Ouigo on some of the routes. Now the latest news is that Spain's Air Nostrum and Italy's main train operator, Tranitalia are teaming up and entering into the Spanish low cost high-speed rail market with  Iryo in 2023. The high-speed trains will be from Bombardier and Hitachi. Imagine three high-speed rail operators on one line!  Time to wakeup Canada.

Latest News on High-Speed Rail in the State of Washington

Washington legislators passed Move Ahead Washington, a transportation funding package which dedicates $150 MILLION for high speed rail in the Pacific Northwest. This investment will allow the state to compete for up to a $700 MILLION federal funding match, for a total of $850 MILLION. For the last five years, WSDOT has studied the benefits of fast trains along the I-5 corridor, which includes $355 billion in economic growth, creation of 200,000 construction jobs, and reducing carbon emissions by 6 million metric tons. With speeds of 250mph+ (402kmh), high speed rail can provide one hour journey times between Seattle and Portland, Oregon, and one hour journey times between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. These journey times will provide game-changing transportation choices competitive with air travel. (Currently, automobile travel and intercity rail service between Seattle-Portland takes 3.5 hours and Seattle-Vancouver takes 4.5 hours.) Preliminary estimates for high speed rail construc

The Physics behind the fastest train in the world - Japan's Maglev

Central Japan Railway Company Maglev Train                                            Just how can Japan's Maglev trains obtain such incredible speeds of 603 km/h? Lesic youtube channel put out an excellent video last year explaining it all. Magnetically levitated trains are common nowadays. However, the MagLev train the Central Japan Railway Company developed is quite unique and superior to the other trains. Running at more than 600 km per hour, it has achieved the status of ‘fastest train.’  This train uses superconducting magnets, which is why it is called SC MagLev. Once charged with an exciting current, the superconducting magnets of this train produce a circulating DC current and strong magnetic field forever, with zero loss.  Let’s understand more about this successfully tested train technology, which is projected to overtake other magnetic levitation technologies by the year 2027. The same technology is poised to connect New York city to Washington DC in just one hour by 20

Avlo high-speed rail video added to our Youtube Channel

We are happy to announce we have added a short promo video on our youtube channel of the low fare, high-speed train Avlo from Renfe in Spain. LINK Avlo is a 400-seat train equipped with reclining seats, plugs in all seats, reading light... and all of this at 300 km/h. You could travel from Alta Velocidad (high-speed) trains between Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, tickets starting at €7. Furthermore, you can connect to the WIFI network, available on all Avlo trains, and enjoy exclusive content offered by PlayRenfe. The train is equipped luggage compartments and toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility. We deserve better Canada.